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Mark Stevens, Vice Chair, Retired
Karen Oliver, GCB
Kent Ervin, Ph.D., NSHE
Audrey Brooks-Scott, DCNR

Rob Boehmer, Program Coordinator
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Shane Chesney, Sr. Deputy Attorney General


Rob Boehmer
NDC Program Coordinator

Voya®: 1-866-464-6832


Wed., August 17, 2016
9:00 a.m.
Legislature Building
401 S. Carson St., Room 2134


If you are interested in saving for retirement and have not enrolled in the Nevada Deferred Compensation Program, choose any of these convenient ways to get started now.

Meet with your Voya local representative.
Call toll free 1-866-464-6832 or 775-886-2400 to set up an appointment to review your personal situation and complete the forms.

Enroll online.
Follow the two-step process after you click here.

EZ Enrollment.
Visit the NDC website to download and complete the EZ Enrollment Form and fax it to the NDC office.


What's New

The Nevada Public Employees’ Deferred Compensation (NDC) Program welcomes the summer with many exciting changes and new educational opportunities to assist participants and employees with their journey to and through retirement. All of us here at NDC wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable summer.

Retiree Financial Wellness Fair

The NDC Program held its second annual Retiree Financial Wellness Fair June 6, 7 and 9 in Reno, Las Vegas and Carson City. The NDC Program staff and representatives from our contracted record keeper, Voya Financial®, NVPERS, Social Security and Nevada Health Link were on hand to meet with current employees getting ready to retire and former government employees enjoying retirement. Workshops on financial wellness in retirement were held each day. If you were unable to attend and want to view the workshops online, go to the NDC website to access this valuable information or contact the NDC Administrative Office for assistance.

Join Us for Financial Education Days in October

During National Retirement Security Week October 17 – 21, 2016, the NDC Program will host the 10th Annual Financial Education Days. Be sure to mark your calendars. Workshops will be held throughout the State of Nevada. Details will be available soon.

Understanding NDC Program Fees

The NDC Program decided to consolidate to a single record keeper at the beginning of 2015. The purpose was to help decrease fees while maintaining high quality investment option choices for participants. We believe we achieved our goal.

However, the NDC Committee continues to look for ways to reduce plan expenses while helping participants save as much as possible. For this reason, the Committee is studying recent trends in fees charged by other defined contribution programs around the country.

Like other programs, the NDC Program currently has revenue sharing agreements with some of the fund companies offering the plan’s investment options lineup. Under these agreements, the costs of plan administration are included in a fund’s total expense ratio and used to pay to the NDC Program’s contracted record keeper, investment consultant, auditor and other plan administration costs.

Many programs are decreasing or eliminating revenue sharing arrangements and offering institutional share classes with lower total expense ratios. Instead, they charge all plan participants a fee — a flat dollar amount, a percentage or a combination of the two — to cover the plan administration costs. A level fee arrangement may lead to more transparency and in some circumstances could help participants pay less to invest for their retirement future.

The NDC Committee is carefully reviewing how the Program might benefit by moving away from revenue sharing toward a level fee arrangement in the future. We would like to hear from you on this issue. Tell us what you think by calling the NDC Program Coordinator at 775-684-3397 or sending an e-mail to

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Avoid common investing mistakes

All investors make a mistake at some point. It happens. The key is not to make the same mistake twice. Here are three errors often made while investing, and tips to help you avoid them.

Jumping on the bandwagon.

When the markets were volatile in early 2016, people poured money into U.S. Treasuries, even though interest rates are very low and rising. In investing, what’s hot today may be cold tomorrow.

Tip: Make your own investment decisions based on what’s best for your financial future in keeping with your investing strategy and asset allocation. As someone who’s investing for a long-term goal, try to avoid investing according to current trends or the “what’s hot today” mentality.

Investing on impulse.

A single headline can drive a person to shift money from one fund to another. Unfortunately, that may often lead to buying into popular funds at a higher price and selling off less popular funds at a price below what was paid originally. Remember the investment mantra, “buy low, sell high.”

Tip: Stick with the investment strategy and investments you’ve selected because they suit your long-term objectives, time frame and tolerance for risk. If you’re unsure about whether your strategy or investments in your NDC account are right for your situation, consider calling 1-866-464-6832 or 775-886-2400 to set up a meeting with your local Voya® representative.

Taking advice from nonprofessionals.

If investment professionals don’t have the power to predict what the markets will do next, why would your uncle or neighbor?

Tip: Review the investment options available through the NDC Program with an experienced local Voya® representative. Or check out the professional investment advice available to you through the NDC Program. Log into your account, select Go to My Account and then Get Advice. Or call 1-866-464-6832 or 775-886-2400 for more information.



NDC could be a smart choice for every stage of your life

The NDC Program is designed to help you save for your future while you are working and supplement your income when you retire.

Provides a lower-cost program

Because of its large size, the NDC Program is able to negotiate competitive pricing and charge lower overall fees. In addition, some of the Program’s investment options are institutional investments that help further reduce costs for participants.

Offers wide investment choices

Throughout your career and into retirement, you can select from the NDC Program’s investment options to maintain or alter your portfolio as your personal situation or risk tolerance changes.

Supports you with valuable services

Local Voya® representatives can review your investment objectives, NDC account and investment choices with you while you are employed and after you retire.

Makes account management easier

You can access information about the NDC Program, your NDC account and planning tools and education any time online at and by phone at 1-866-464-6832.

Gives you access to advice

Two levels of professional investment advice are available to you through the NDC Program. To learn more, log into your account, select Go to My Account and then Get Advice. Or call 1-866-464-6832 or 1-866-464-6832 to ask your local Voya® representative about the Program’s two advice choices.


Update your beneficiary information

Whoever you name as your beneficiary will receive your NDC account balance in the event of your death. Keep in mind that naming an entity other than an individual as your beneficiary may have implications on the IRS required minimum distribution payments to beneficiaries. It’s smart to review your choice from time to time, especially if you’ve had a major life change like a divorce, the birth of a child or a death in your family. To check or change your beneficiary, log into your account. Select My Account, then Personal Information, then Beneficiary Information. For the Beneficiary Designation Form, go to



If you need to retire sooner than you thought

Forty-six percent of retirees reported they retired sooner than they had planned, according to the 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Those surveyed cited several reasons why:

  • Health problems or disability: 55 percent
  • Employer downsizing or closure: 24 percent
  • Providing care for a spouse or other family member: 17 percent

Although these facts present a stark picture, there are things you can do now to prepare yourself for the unexpected. As a start, consider these steps.

  • Save and invest as much as you can while you are still working. You are allowed to contribute up to $18,000 in 2016. If you are age 50 or older in 2016, you are eligible to make an additional catch-up option of $6,000, for a maximum total of $24,000 this year. If you are within three years before the year in which you will reach Normal Retirement Age as defined in the NDC Program and you have not contributed as much as the IRS limits permitted you in prior years, you may be eligible to contribute up to $36,000 with the Special Three-Year Catch-Up. Since the Special Three-Year Catch-Up takes into account your prior contributions, please contact your local representative at 1-866-464-6832 or 775-886-2400 to calculate the amount available to you. Remember, if you are eligible for both catch-up options in the same tax year, IRS rules provide that you cannot use both in the same tax year. However, you may use the option that lets you defer the greater amount.

  • Invest smart: maintain a mix of options in your NDC account appropriate for the amount of time you have left before you will begin withdrawals at retirement. Maintain an emergency fund of liquid savings that you can tap into for unexpected expenses such as a car or home repair. “The financial consequences of an unplanned early retirement can be heavy,” the EBRI survey noted. Whether you leave the workforce on your own terms — or for reasons beyond your control — some advance planning can help you handle whatever lies ahead.


The Voya® family of companies does not offer legal or tax advice. You should consult with a tax advisor or legal attorney before making financial investment-related decisions.

Source: 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey. Employee Benefit Research Institute is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit research institute based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on health, savings, retirement and economic security issues. Percentages do not add up to 100 percent. Survey results available at


A new tool to see your healthcare costs

Do you have a handle on what your healthcare costs are likely to be now that you’ve retired? To help you budget realistically, try a new enhancement to myOrangeMoney®, the personalized, interactive experience that comes with your NDC account.

Log into your account online and select Retirement Healthcare under the dollar bill that shows your estimated monthly retirement income. You can see how much of your estimated monthly retirement income may be needed to help meet your healthcare expenses based on the age and state where you retired.

In addition to this new tool, the NDC Program gives you access to information and support to help you with planning.

“Managing Key Risks to Make Your Retirement Income Last” is a special report available to read and download at Go to Resource Center, select Retirement Articles, select Retiring, and then select Managing Key Risks.

An experienced local Voya® representative can talk with you about retirement income planning, including investing and withdrawal strategies, when you call 1-866-464-6832 or 775-886-2400.




Do you have an online
user account yet?

If you haven’t already done so, you are encouraged to go to to create an online user account. Your account lets you access current NDC account values, review and change investment allocations and get help with planning. Creating a user account is easy. If you need assistance, contact Voya® at 1-866-464-6832 or 775-886-2400.

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Nevada Public Employees’ Deferred Compensation Program (NDC)
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Securities and investment advisory services offered through Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. (member SIPC)

Insurance products, annuities and funding agreements are issued by Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (“VRIAC”), Windsor, CT. VRIAC is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. Plan administrative services provided by VRIAC or Voya Institutional Plan Services LLC (“VIPS”). VIPS does not engage in the sale or solicitation of securities. All companies are members of the Voya® family of companies. Securities distributed by Voya Financial Partners LLC (member SIPC) or third parties with which it has a selling agreement. All products and services may not be available in all states.

Nevada Deferred Compensation is not affiliated with the Voya family of companies.





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